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7/20/09- It's been a while since I've updated... The skirmish was great we had a total of 32 people there! You missed out if you didn't come!

So this Saturday, the 25th, at 8:30am, there will be a field building day. It is early, but it will be HOT that day, so we will be done before it hits 100. Don't bring airsoft gear, just bring water, a backpack, a shovel, and plywood/rope. We will be building fortifications throughout the field. And we will attempt to take a vehicle back there. We need all the help we can get, so come on out and design the forts and pillboxes! 

Medical forms will be redistributed since I have received only 3 forms. I NEED THE FORMS! Without them, our sponsors refuse to even consider us! GET THEM IN!  Thanks.

 -CSM Hibbs


6/30/09- I am back in civilization, feel free to contact me. The Skirmish on the 19th is still on, check out the calendar. Hope to see you guys there!

 -CSM Hibbs


6/30/09-   What: 4th of July Fireworks Party!

When: This Saturday, the 4th, 6:30pm.

Where: Conner's house

Info: Dinner/Party food will be provided! Meeting at my house, then going to a large lot next to my church for the party/fireworks. Please bring fireworks, and a lighter, and we can do some choreographed shows! Adults will be present, along with an audience. Our job is to put on a show!

Expected audience: 20-30.

Note: Possible Night Game afterwards? Text me if you want one.

It will be a BLAST!

6/29/09-Skirmish video uploaded to our channel. (Be sure to watch the bloopers at the end!)

6/27/09-Zombie Wars was interesting, and to recognize our new Private First Class soldiers (give them a hand!):

PFC Ryan Williams

PFC Grady Smith

PFC Mitch Bradner

PFC Stephen Yi (A.W.O.L.)


 And Links have been fixed. (Thanks, Mitch)

ACU Gear Example


 6/21/09-In addition to the ACU page, here's an example of what ATAC's gear should look like when everything is purchased. (It will take time to build your loadout, but persistance is key!)

6/21/09-Team practice and RANK ADVANCEMENT this Saturday, the 27th. 9am-11:30am. BE THERE AT 9am, SHARP.

6/12/09- Mini-OP was pretty good. Next OP we plan, it will be public. The more people the better!

6/10/09- NOTICE! Next practice will be a 2-day Mini-OP!  For all info, go to the calendar event page!


6/9/09- So let's decide on a standard practice day and time for the summer. I was thinking maybe on Sundays 1pm-4pm? Most people aren't busy on Sunday afternoons.

 Also, lots of OP's and events are coming up! Time to choose a couple and get rides figured out! Take a look at all NW Airsoft Events here. 



6/8/09- Infidel Bash was great! (Aside from Ryan winning everything) Check out the photos.


5/29/09- Infidel Bash - June 6th-7th!


5/24/09- Airsoft Party Memorial Day!

2pm-6pm some of APST will be there.

5/19/09- Two updates:

1) Med forms are out, get them in ASAP!

2) Practice on the 23rd will be 11am-2pm, because of EJ's party. Have lunch before, as no food this time, sorry.


5/16/09- Rest In Peace, Jordan Murphy


5/14/09- This practice will be from 1pm-4pm.

 5/7/09-Practice is a night game. (8pm-10:30pm)

Bring a headlamp or flashlight, and get ready to have some fun!

5/6/09- We're in the process of finding a sponsor!


 4/25/09- Excellent skirmish, men. Fun was had by all, except for the people in the tree fort when it was smoked...


4/20/09- CHANGE OF PLANS AGAIN! Corvallis Skirmish coming up this weekend!

Sat. 25 11am-???. Take a look at the calendar.


4/5/09-GIANT OP coming up in June! It's called Indfidel Bash, probably at Splat Action. Go take a look HERE!

Basic Info:

June 6-7 NIGHT GAME ON THE 6th!

PRICE: $45, includes all food, you get a $50 grab bag, and raffle ticket



  4/5/09- Our team is now featured on Airsoft Pacific! We are registered, go check it out HERE.

3/28/09- New OP pics! These are sweet looking, they were taken by Fred, who is a pro photographer. They have us in them! Go to the Photos to see them.



3/15/09- Well Steel Talon was just awesome. Sure, the weather was bad, but we had a good time, right? Anyways, leave your comments on the OP event page.



3/5/09- Hey guys,take a look at the calendar, there's an OP (Operation) coming up!

   It's called OP: Steel Talon, and it's two days long! It should be fun, drop Conner an email at if you can go ASAP! Be sure and print out the waivers and have them both signed.

 Safety Rules for all AP events MUST READ!

Here are the waiver links: 

Airsoft Pacific (the district) Waiver:

Splat Action (the field) Waiver:

New Youtube channel for ATAC! Click me.

There's also a "Login" link (for your ATAC profile) at the top of this page now.


3/4/09- IMPORTANT! Within this month, we would like all team members to get a WOODLAND BDU. Woodland is a pattern type that is ideal for Oregon's environment, and they are also necessary for OPS that we attend.  If you contact me soon, I can get you one for $20, but otherwise these go for $30-$40 plus shipping for a full set online.


2/26/09- New Members! We have several new members, so go and welcome them on their profile. Also, calendar has been updated, March is a busy month! New Links page! Check it out, it has some great Airsoft sites!