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10/7/10- Infidel Bash went very well! Lots of good pics. Team practice coming up this Saturday.

9/23/10- Infidel Bash 2010 is approaching. See the link above for details.


5/8/10- Faction Wars: End War is coming up! This will be the last installment in the Faction Wars Series, and since ATAC has been present at the others, I have reserved 10 spots for ATAC on Kabila. Click the logo above to see the event thread on AP.


4/20/10- We have inactive for a bit, due to field/police troubles. I'm in the process of figuring it out, but I've been busy. Hang in there.



2/1/10- Practice with the 141 went well. It was muddy out there, but great weather. I think you guys have learned your lesson: Do NOT drive onto the field from December-May. There have been PLENTY of vehicles stuck there.


Lately, there has been a lot of no-shows for practice. On average, 2-5 ATAC members attend. This is far below the standards I expect. I understand if you have sports, or if you're doing family stuff, but if you do not have something relatively important, you NEED to be at practice. In your recruitment papers, you agreed to attend practices unless something absolutely mandatory was taking place.

There's been practices where one member will show up. I find it hard to believe that 9 of you had something that required your presence for those few hours. There has been great attendance at OP's, and I appreciate that, but OP's are only a part of it. If you refuse to come to practice, without reason, it makes it look like you don't care. It is YOUR responsibility to the team to come to practice. A football team doesn't win by just coming to games. 80% of their career is practice. 

 So, I have a goal for you: Show me that you really want to be a part of ATAC. Show me that you care about our team. In the transition to a MILSIM styled team, I need to know. Get on the boat, or leave. Hanging on the edge just tips us over.

Thanks for the effort,

CSM Hibbs

1/18/10- Despite the rain, mud, and weapon difficulties, Conflict Europe: IV was a blast. About halfway through we just stopped caring about getting muddy/wet, and fought with fervor. Max, John, and Jon and I made a huge push into enemy territory with only two other guys from PSC. That was definitely a very well executed movement that gained us two more CCP captures. And a big thank you goes to Jaime, and EJ's parents, for making the nasty weather not so nasty. I hope to have the pictures up soon. Nice teamwork, guys. I liked seeing ALL of us out there, sending the Axis to where they belong.

-CSM Hibbs


12/28/09- Practice was interesting, it included EJ's Bronco getting stuck in the mud, discovering that people on PSN suck at MW2, and me getting sprayed with PAM. I'll try to give a little more notice for practices. I wasn't planning on having any during break, however.



11/17/09- A lot of things were discussed at the formal meeting. (With a great dinner, afterward!) If you couldn't make it, you missed out. Anyways, a recap:

  •  CPL Jake Burch is now ASL of the 2nd Assault Squad
  • MARPAT is no longer an ATAC camo (only ACU and MulitCam)
  • There will be more Build Days, and more OP's coming up
  • The ATAC Short Promotional Film is scheduled to take place during or after Winter Break
  • Practices will now vary location, since the same field does get old. If you have a place to host ATAC practice, contact me.
  • Financial acquisitions will be used to buy team gear, and team related things. There will be no individual allowances.
  •  THERE IS LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT TO GET YOUR CAMO. You have had 6 months notice to get it. Please take note that if you do not have it by the end of this year, you will be placed on the reserve team, and removed from the member list.


11/5/09- All good news: Airsplat has agreed to sponsor ATAC! Also, there's an ATAC Short Film and a Formal Team Meeting coming soon! Dates will be posted ASAP.



10/26/09- FW2.1 was great fun, and good weather, too. Pics should be up soon. Also, there will be no practice this weekend, due to Halloween. Have a good week, team.



10/16/09-  Please text me if you can go. I need to know ASAP so I can tell Rick who's going/not going.  Thanks.



10/12/09- Faction Wars 2.1 is two weeks away, make sure to read the event rules and prepare for it. AND CONFIRM!


9/23/09- Basic Tactics Training went well, except for the tooth-chipping incident. We are sorry, Mitch. But expect more training and escort drills!

 The AP skirm has been moved to a different date, due to event/date restrictions. If you are interested in a Classic Army G36C for $100, contact me.


 9/23/09- Team Training and Practice this Saturday, the 26th. See calendar.

9/17/09- Corvallis Skirm this Saturday. See calendar.


9/8/09- Important update! Please see the above link.

8/25/09- Faction Wars 2.1 coming up. See calendar.

8/23/09- Faction Wars 2.0 was great! One of the main sectors is a replication of Mogadishu, a city in Somalia. Pictures are up: Faction Wars 2.0 Pictures

 8/11/09- Tyler Seymour has quit. Not just ATAC, but Airsoft as a whole. He was my Co-Captain, and now no longer wants to be a part of any Airsoft-related activities. His reasons are unknown, so please don't ask me.

8/11/09- The next practice is 1-5pm this Saturday, the 15th. See left. Please attend, urgent OP planning will take place. Thanks.

-CSM Hibbs


8/5/09- The poll results are in, and there will be more Skirms, and more Build Days.


 7/29/09- Version 3 of the roster is up. Check it out, but no more changes until we actually try them out.

-CSM Hibbs


7/27/09- So ATAC has been undergoing some major changes lately, we have changed uniforms, gaining members, etc. As you might have noticed, I am slowly turning ATAC into a more serious MILSIM team. I have made new squads, and new positions for ATAC. See THIS PAGE.

Also, please congratulate one of ATAC's new squad leaders, Lt. Ryan Williams!

Practice this Thursday, the 30th , 5-9pm. See calendar.

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