Advanced Tactics Airsoft Class

How to Join ATAC (Advanced Tactics Airsoft Class)

DISCLAIMER: ATAC is a serious MILSIM team that has moderate to intense practices and drills, and we take part in major events all around the NW about 4-5 times a year. This is not a team for the weak and uncommitted.


 There are currently 0 positions open.


How We Recruit:

  1. Application Form is received and reviewed.
  2. If your information is acceptable, a meeting is held with the CO.
  3. If the meeting goes well, the CO will invite you to an ATAC event for further evaluation. At this point you will meet the rest of the team, and fill out your waiver and medical papers.
  4. If we like your performance, your abilities are sufficient, and you are able to fulfill the requirements, you will be placed on the "Reserve Team". As part of the Reserve Team, you are allowed to practices, but all other events, including OP's, skirms, and tournaments, are only for ATAC members.
  5. This is where you fulfill your requirements. You have 90 days to do so, if your limit runs out, you are dropped from the reserve team. Once you have all necessary starting gear, you will become an ATAC member.

The requirements below are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to be on the team.


  • 300-400fps AEG (NO LPEGS*) OR a 400-550fps Bolt-Action
  • Propper™ Multicam or Digital ACU
  • ANSI z87.1 Approved Glasses or Goggles (Pref. Flakjak or other Mil-Spec)
  • Tac Vest/Plate Carrier/Chest Rig
  • $15 One-Time Entrance Fee (This pays for your rank patches, name tape, etc.)
  • Strength, Endurance, and Commitment
  • At least 15 years old

 IMPORTANT: If you are planning on joining, do NOT buy additional gear/weaponry before you are accepted, as entrance to the team is by no means guaranteed.


Highly Recommended (NOT REQUIRED):

  • Tan Mil-Spec boots (Stryker or Hot-Weather)
  • Hydration Vest / Canteen
  • Side-arm (Such as a CQC replica or a pistol)
  • MICH2000 Helmet / Boonie Hat
  • GRMS Radio
  • Drop-Leg Holster / Crossdraw holster / SERPA
  • Headlamp or Tac-light
  • Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads




*LPEGS are Low Priced Electric Guns. These are guns under $100.

Requirements updated as of: 31 December 2009

If you have questions, please contact CSM Hibbs at